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To challenge and inspire the motorcycle industry to sustainability by building the fastest and most thrilling motocross bike in the world. To provide the ultimate emotion on two wheels. To prove electric technology is superior to gas.

We push the boundaries of technology to reshape the future of motorcycling. Through building electric motorcycles that outperform traditional technology we will inspire the world to sustainability.

Our bike is easier to ride, requires less maintenance, can be ridden anywhere without disturbing neighbors and has higher performance than traditional gasoline-powered bikes.



What will you ride today? A 125cc two-stroke? 250cc or 450cc four-stroke? The VARG is the most versatile and advanced motocross bike on the planet. It can be easily customized to your skill level and riding style at any circuit. Through the Stark VARG App you can create up to 100 ride modes, adjusting the power curve, engine braking, traction control and virtual flywheel weight according to your liking, and have five modes actively installed on the bike.

But, will you have enough power? The VARG boasts peak performance of 80hp, 30% more than a typical 450cc four-stroke. We also give you 938 Nm of torque on the rear wheel, more than double of any of the 450s.

Control the VARG’s power. You can adjust from 1 to 80hp in just a few seconds through the Stark VARG App, an intuitive and comprehensive tool available in your display, or through your Apple or Android phone.


The VARG has the most energy dense production battery system in the world. 6kWh of battery capacity at less than 32kg, including the complete case, battery management system and all other internal components. This has been made possible mainly through several groundbreaking innovations, which are currently patent pending: the magnesium honeycomb casing, slippery-fingers cell holders, pressure relief system and a one sided power board configuring the battery cells.

The range is similar to a 450cc motocross bike with a full tank. The VARG will comfortably complete a full ‘moto’ at MXGP intensity or up to 6 hours of easy trail riding and will fully recharge in 1-2 hours depending on the charger and power outlet.

Cutting-edge battery design: Using a patent-pending lightweight honeycomb magnesium battery case structure, the VARG ‘flying V’ scheme connects every cell directly to the casing. This creates high conductivity to the air-cooled case. The result is a very even and regular battery temperature and it removes unnecessary weight for water or vapor cooling.

Small, light and strong: The honeycomb shell architecture ensures an extremely strong, lightweight and compact structure, contributing to the slick handling of the VARG.

Safety: The VARG’s battery is completely waterproof, exceeding the requirements of IP69K. The strong honeycomb structure will also ensure high resistance against impacts, providing you with a durable, safe and lightweight battery.


At 110 kg / 242 lbs fully charged, the Stark VARG is lightweight. An important benefit of our electric powertrain is that it has a fraction of the inertia of a gas motor, providing you with a featherweight riding sensation.

By using the motor as a structural component, we have been able to develop a motocross frame which is almost 50% lighter than the competitors. All the while maintaining the same or higher strength properties and optimized flex characteristics.

The electric carbon fiber sleeve motor generates a fraction of the inertia found on a four or even two-stroke motorcycle. This provides a unique lightness, agility and maneuverability.

Benchmarking to be the best: We carefully tested and analyzed the current and best-performing motocross bikes. This methodology empowered us to craft a chassis that provides the ideal amount of vertical, lateral, and torsional flex to enable a predictable, stable and comfortable ride.

Premium Suspension: Benefiting from a partnership with Kayaba and Technical Touch, the VARG’s suspension has been developed with 310mm of travel both for the front forks and rear shock. The standard linkage progression curve is optimized for comfort and stability whilst improving traction. There are seven different stock settings for riders within a 5kg weight margin, meaning that you choose the suspension adapted to suit your weight and ability.


Silent. Ride anywhere, anytime and open up the possibilities to enjoy nature, to ride in places you never imagined, thanks to the near-silent motor.

Clean: Zero emissions, no filters and a simple level of care. The VARG requires no more maintenance than a bicycle.

Cheaper & less time wasted: No gas, fewer spare parts, less time wasted servicing your bike, more time to ride.